Rio-2016: The Armenian gymnastics team sums up the Olympic Games

15:00 - 24 Aug, 2016

The head coach of the Armenian gymnastics team, Hakob Serobyan, and the participants of the 31st Olympic Games, Harutyun Merdinyan and Artur Davtyan summed up the Summer Olympic Games during the meeting with reporters.


Hakob Serobyan: ''We were very prepared for these Games. We had a training camp in Blumenau, not so far from Rio, till August 1. We adjusted both to the time zone and the apparatus. Everything was the way we had planned. I was a judge during the Games and the guys were with my trustworthy friend, coach and high-qualified specialist, Sos Sargsyan. I didn't manage to see the guys much because it wasn't allowed. I don't know what impeded Merdinyan in the finals; I think he'll tell us about it. On my behalf I can say that I am guilty too of their performances. This means that I have dismissed something, or something was unfinished. As for Merdinyan's performance in the semifinal, it was wonderful. The guys were tense. Of course, nothing can be compared to the Olympics' tension. I personally was very tense; I couldn't even sleep at night. It would be good if psychologists worked with the team. The guys had also injuries. Artur's knee ached, Merdinyan had got a cold and injured his wrist, but these are not excuses. They are accustomed to such kind of pain. The fact that our President Serzh Sargsyan and ANOC's President Gagik Tsarukyan were present at Merdinyan's final performance is very encouraging. This means that the attitude towards gymnastics is high and the expectations are great. I'd like to note that the president of the International Gymnastics Federation came up to me at the end and congratulated me on ''a medal', I was surprised saying that we hadn't won a medal but he said that taking into account our conditions it was equal to a medal and promised to provide us with 6 apparatus equivalent to 100,000 dollars.''


Harutyun Merdinyan: ''Of course, my illness played its role but the main reason was my tiredness. My body didn't obey me. I had no psychological problems and the tension didn't disturb me. I was simply exhausted.''

Artur Davtyan: ‘‘We went to the Olympics being sure we would qualify at least for the final. I can say that I was out of sports luck. My first jump was successful and the second one was too high and I fell taking 11th position. The injury or the psychological problems didn't impede me. I was out of sports luck that day.''

ANOC press service


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