Evgeny Plushenco’s show ''Kings on Ice'' in Yerevan has been postponed

18:35 - 15 Nov, 2015

Two-time Olympic Champion, figure skater Evgeny Plushenko’s Yerevan show “Kings on Ice” has been postponed.

“Because of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris the show wouldn’t be attended by Brian Joubert and several French figure skaters. Taking in consideration all these circumstances the show “Kings on Ice” to be hold in Yerevan puts off till March 5, 2015”, said Plushenko’s manager Ari Zaqaryan in a conversation with an ANOC reporter.

The show ''Kings on Ice'' should have taken place on November 20 at Sports Complex, besides Plushenko it should have been attended by the violinist Edgar Hakobyan, TigranPetrosyan, ice acrobat Sergey Yakimenko and Armenian figure skaters from different countries of the world.

ANOC press department

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