After all, Nazik Avdalyan took the 14th place

10:54 - 27 Nov, 2015

The World Weightlifting Championship carries on in Houston, USA. Group A also came out. The World and Europe former champion, Nazik Avdalyan competing in Group B had come in 4th but after Group A competition she took the 14th place.

At the World Championship being held in Houston, USA Nazik Avdalyan (69kg) came out in Group B. In the snatch she lifted 105 kg and in the clean and jerk 125 kg. By the double-event of 230 kg Avdalyan placed 4th in Group B.

On November 27-28 Sona Poghosyan (75 kg) at 1:00 am and Simon Martirosyan (105 kg) at 3:30 am will struggle for medals.

ANOC press department

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