Grenke Сhess Сlassic: Levon Aronyan’s first win

01:00 - 23 Apr, 2019

Leader of the Armenia chess team Levon Aronyan won with white pieces Russian Peter Svidler in the 4th round of the Grenke Chess Classic underway in Germany. The Russian GM admitted his loss on the 38th move.

In the rest games of the round Maxime Vachiev-Lagrave (France) gained advantage over Georg Meier (Germany), Arkadij Naiditsch (Azerbaijan) won Vincent Keymer (Germany), Viswanathan Anand (India) was stronger than Francisco Vallejo (Spain), and the game Fabiano Caruana (USA) vs  Magnus Carlsen (Norway) had no winner.

In the previous 3 rounds Levon Aronyan had drawn the games with Arkadij Naidich (Azerbaijan), German Georg Meier and Spanish Francisco Vallejo. On April 24, in round 5 the Armenia GM will compete with black figures with French Maxime Vachiev-Lagrave. 

Let us recall Levon Aronyan had become the winner of Grenke Сhess Сlassic in 2017.

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