Young athletes return from Moscow

13:00 - 03 Jun, 2019

From May 31 to June 2 Moscow hosted the International Olympic Forum which was attended by young athletes from various countries. Armenia was represented by judoka Gor Davtyan, athlete Rafik Ohanyan, swimmer Varsenik Manucharyan and Marina Galstyan (table tennis).

The main goal of the forum was the dissemination of the idea of fair and impartial sports in young athletes. At the beginning of the forum famous Russian athletes introduced the Olympic ideology, history of sports and anti-doping rules to the participants. After it a quiz was organized. The Armenian and Belarusian athletes took part in the same team and came third among 10 competitors answering 42 questions out of 45.

At the end of the forum a five-hour cultural tour along  the Moskva River was held for the young athletes during which they learned about the history of Moscow. After the forum the Armenian athletes returned to Armenia.

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