Arthur Abraham's next rival is a Mexican

13:00 - 08 Dec, 2015

The WBO World champion, Arthur Abraham his next bout will spend with a Mexican boxer.

''After celebrating victories I'm coming to Armenia for winning spiritually, too. The bout against Martin Murray ended up being tough, he is a strong rival but staying faithful to my tactics, I always try to ''warm up'' in the first rounds of the bout. As for the referee who gave the point advantage to Murrey, he is an Englishman and in some sense their friend'', he said.
Abraham's next rival is a Mexican: ''The next fight I'll have in March and my opponent will be the WBO first place holder, Ramirez''.
Abraham also noted that managed to get married. ''I've got married 6 months ago. She is a YSU student and her name is Mary, you know, I don't like talking about my private life'', he said.

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