Italy may be deprived of participation in Tokyo 2020

22:35 - 16 Aug, 2019

President of the National Olympic Committee of Italy Giovanni Malago has informed Italy may be deprived of the participation in the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 and the right to host the Olympic Games 2026.

“I’m worried about the Olympic future of Italian sport, dark clouds are gathering over it. The reasons are the political crisis, uncertainty over future government composition and sports reform bill which was approved by the National Assembly but was rejected by the IOC,” Tuttosport quoted his words.

The source informs that if the NOC of Italy is removed of the IOC Italians won’t be able to participate in Tokyo 2020 under their flag and will lose the right to hold the Olympic Games 2026.

The recent sports reform bill in Italy has passed all the authorities of the sports activity to the government which contradicts to the IOC principle not to interfere in the activity of the National Olympic Committee.

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