World Junior Championship: Sahak Hovhannisyan – silver medalist

19:42 - 18 Aug, 2019

60 kg weight class Sahak Hovhannisyan lost 2:7 to Turkey’s Kerem Kamal in the final of the World Wrestling Junior Championship.

The Turk wrestler is a two-time world and five-time European champion. Hovhannisyan was winning the first part of the bout, 1:0, but in the second part he was warned of passiveness, and the Turk wrestler managed to gain 7 points from parterre.

The Armenian wrestler managed to score one more point after it but he lacked of time to score more.

Earlier before the final Hovhannisyan had spent four bouts giving no point to the opponents. It was Sahak’s first year in youth age group. He is this year’s bronze medalist of the European Youth Championship.

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