Shant Khachatryan: I’m sure my next medal will be gold

13:45 - 20 Aug, 2019

At the World Wrestling Junior Championship Shant Khachatryan at 67 kg became a silver medalist. In a conversation with the ANOC press service he spoke about the medal and his bouts.

“The result would be more pleasing if it were a gold medal. I went after gold but a silver medal isn’t so bad. We got what we deserved. If we deserved gold it would be gold. Maybe it was sports luck or I made mistakes somewhere or hadn’t fully examined the strong and weak sides of my opponent but this is the outcome. Overall I’m pleased with the championship. There are mistakes that should be corrected. I hope next time I’ll return with a gold medal.”

On his way to the final Shant singled out the bout with Turkey’s Samet Basar.

“From the beginning I was losing the fight with the Turk wrestler, then putting pressure on him I managed to have a volitional victory.”

Despite the great desire to see his friend (Sahak Hovhannisyan) a champion, his defeat didn’t depress him before the final.

“I wanted much Sahak to become a champion but I didn’t fall into despair after his loss. It’s sports and everything happens. I made some tactical mistakes in my final fight but I’ll work on them, train more to return with a gold medal next time, “ he ended.

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