Armen Babalaryan: Sahak Hovhannisyan and Shant Khachatryan have great potential

15:30 - 20 Aug, 2019

Armen Babalaryan, the head coach of the Armenian wrestling junior team, summed up the World Junior Championship in Tallinn in a conversation with the ANOC press service.

“I’m always displeased with the results as we have no champions. But we have silver medalists for what I’m very happy. In general, I asses the participation satisfactory but we lost three gold medals. Tigran Minasyan was the first. In the semifinal he was winning the Russian wrestler 7:1 but something went wrong and he lost 7:8 and we lost the chance to qualify for the final. There was a chance to win medals in other weight classes but something impeded them,”Armen Babalaryan said.

When analyzing cadet world champion Karen Khachatryan’s bouts Armen Babalaryan said that the former had recently moved to the junior age group and there were still some problems with getting accustomed.

“I think next year Karen will prove himself”.

According to Armen Babalaryan Sahak Hovhannisyan had followed the coaches’ all instructions before the final.

“But his opponent was an experienced and titular wrestler and somehow it felt that Sahak lacked experience; he failed to prove himself. The same refers to Shant Khachatryan. He had won 7:0 the Georgian wrestler in Batumi’s tournament but here both he and Sahak didn’t follow our instructions. I asses their results satisfactory as they have potential to do more.” said the head coach.

Till the end of the year the Greco-Roman wrestling junior team will take part in 2-3 international tournaments and will have a training camp in Tsakhkadzor in December.

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