Malkhas Amoyan: I don’t want to blame anybody for my losses

14:29 - 18 Sep, 2019

European and world youth champion, wrestler Malkhas Amoyan at 72 kg summed up his performances in the World Championship ongoing in Nur-Sultan in a conversation with the ANOC press service.
“I was given a chance to take part in the World Senior Championship. I couldn’t live up my coaches’ expectations. I spent four bouts; I won two bouts and lost the other two. I had gaps in my trainings I’ll try to train more and correct my mistakes in order to spend bouts more accurately. The lack of experience also played its role but I lost because of my mistakes. I don’t want to blame anybody for my losses. We will find my mistakes with the coaches and will work on them so that I can show better results in the future,” the wrestler said.
It was Amoyan’s first world championship in the senior team. He had started the struggle from the qualification round where had defeated 8:0 Serb Aleksa Erski. In the 1/8 finals Amoyan’s rival was Poland’s Lucjan Bernatek whom Malkhas had won 7:0. In the quarterfinal he had conceded 0:4 to European current champion Abuiazid Mantsigov. And in the repechage match he had lost 4:7 to a Korean wrestler.

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