Davit Khitaryan: We are going to struggle for three qualifications

10:52 - 18 Dec, 2015

The Secretary General of Armenia’s Judo Federation, Davit Khitaryan  in an interview with ANOC summarized the year 2015, spoke about the Olympic qualifications, the training camp underway in Tsakhkadzor during these days and 2016 programs.

-Mr Khitaryan, the year comes to the end and it’s the right time to summarize it. What kind of year has it been for judokas?

-In 2015 Armenian judokas have conquered 33 medals in 4 age groups at all official tournaments. We have won 3 bronze medals at the European Championship, 2 of which at the U21 Championships and one at the Veterans Championship. We have a bronze medal of the Veterans World Championship and a gold one of the Deaf European Championship. I am stressing all this because the judokas have presented our country and that’s why it is important for us. We have won enough medals but we aren’t content with the results as we expected more medals from the European and World Championships.  

-Comparing with 2014, has this year been progressive or, conversely, regressive?

- The 2014 was successful in terms of medals, because we had a European Championship bronze medal. We conquered a silver medal at the European Championship last year, this year it was bronze.

-How many Olympic qualifications can Armenian judokas bring?

-I consider the 2015 successful as we started it without having athletes in the rankings but at this moment our Hovhannes Davtyan is the 14th and practically has secured his qualification. Now Janna Stankevich and Ferdinant Karapetyan are struggling for their qualifications. Stankevich is on 28th position while for reaching the goal she need to take at least 14th place. We also build our hopes on invited from Russia Ferdinant Karapetyan  who has taken part in 3 qualifiers and already places 78th.

-In case of obtaining a qualification Janna Stankevich will be the first woman judoka to represent Armenia at Olympics. What expectations do you have from her in Rio?

-From realistic point of view Janna’s participation in the Olympics will already be a success.

-Ferdinant Karapetyan was invited to the team from Russia. Is there really any need to invite athletes from abroad?

-Inviting him to Armenia’s national team was aimed at the creation of rivalry. Ferdinant’s only opponent in his weight class should have been Arsen Ghazaryan but he has changed his weight class. At the Armenian Championship he came out in 73kg weight class and became Armenia’s champion. He is a very prospective and good athlete. As for Ferdinant, if he manages to take a qualification he will fight for medals in Rio as his physical preparedness allows it.

 -These days Armenian judokas are at a training camp in Tsakhkadzor. What purpose does it serve?

-It is organized for Hovhannes Davtyan. The training camp is attended by 9 60kg and 66kg weight class athletes. The task is to deliver him maximum functionality and physical preparedness. From January 6 Hovhannes is going to Olympic gatherings where athletes mainly compete with each other.

-What is the reason of decision to appoint Armen Nazaryan as Armenia’s judo team’s head coach?

- Tigran Babayan, who previously led the team had held the office for many years. There comes a time when such changes should be made. Why did we choose Armen Nazaryan? Because the president of our federation opines that the athletes who have kept high the honor of Armenia for years shouldn’t leave the sport retiring of it, but, on a contrary, they should convey their knowledge and experience to the younger generation. Armen Nazaryan’s task is to create a strong and competitive team for the 2020 Olympic Games.

 -How are you going to start the 2016?

-We will start the year with a training camp to be held in Austria in January and it will be attended by Hovhannes Davtyan, Janna Stankevich and Ferdinant Karapetyan. Afterwards, they will join in Grand Prix in Cuba. Our primary task of 2016 is to improve Hovhannes Davtyan’s rating and take him to the top 8 as at the Olympic Games draw the best athletes will be divided into groups. Our next goals are Janna Stankevich’s and Ferdinant Karapetyan’s qualifications. In 2016 Armenian judokas will participate in 6 qualifiers.

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