A Judo coacing seminar was held in Yerevan

17:03 - 18 Dec, 2015

Within the program "Olympic Solidarity"  of the International Olympic Committee a Judo coaching seminar was held in Yerevan by the joint efforts of the National Olympic Committee, the International Judo Federation and the Judo Federation of Armenia.

“It’s the third time we organize a judo coaching seminar in Armenia. This year it was held by Uzbekistan’s national team’s head coach, Andrey Shturbabin. 20 coaches both from teams and sports schools took part in the seminar. It was very effective and important. Armenian specialists haven’t participated in coaching seminars, only Levon Gevorgyan has twice attended such events. We are grateful to Armenia's National Olympic Committee and the International Judo Federation for such an opportunity”, Armenia’s Judo Federation Secretary General, Davit Khitaryan said to ANOC.

The judo coaching seminar was held in Yerevan from December 11 to 18.

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