Gagik Tsarukyan discussed the details of the soon opening monument with ''Ararat-73'' footballers

18:42 - 22 Dec, 2015

At the initiative of the President of the National Olympic Committee of Armenia, Gagik Tsarukyan a monument commemorating the “Ararat-73” victories will soon be opened in Yerevan.

“As I promised all the forms are cast and need only to be processed. We are waiting to be allotted a place and in spring we’ll launch the construction. We are proud of the “Ararat-73” and our youth should learn from them. You are respected members of the sporting world and will always be there” stressed the ANOC President hosting the legendary footballers.

In October of last year on the 40th anniversary of the “Ararat-73” the ANOC President organized a grand reception and promised to erect a monument to the glorious victory. From the 40 proposals the “Ararat-73” members themselves chose the monument appearance.

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