Gagik Sargsyan: Being on the 27th place is really a success for us

18:50 - 13 Feb, 2016

Secretary General of the Armenian Ski federation Gagik Sargsyan summed up the first performance of Armenia’s representative, skier Mikael Mikaelyan at the 2nd Winter Youth Olympics and shared his impressions about the opening ceremony with ANOC.

 -How have you settled down in the Olympic village and what impressions have you got after these two days?

-We all are in a good mood. The most important is that we are here as one team. We feel great responsibility representing Armenia. Our athlete Mikael mikaelyan is also deeply conscious of it. An interesting incident happened to us when we arrived. The next day of our arrival we revealed that one of our skis was missing. Of course, we got confused because we had to train that day. Our colleagues helped us with skis. We had to look for them among the skis of different countries and at least found them near Austria’s skis.  These are really high-level games. I am pleasantly surprised that everything is detaily organized.

-The Olympic delegation was present at the opening ceremony. What was your impression of it?

-Everything was wonderful. It was an amazing show. And the most exciting thing was that Lillehammer hosts the Olympics for the second time. The whole ceremony was associated with the 1994 Olympics opening. We are admired, glad and thankful to the organizers.

-Today Mikael Mikaelyan launched at ski cross? How do you assess his performance?

-I was asked about it on the eve but refused to make any comment. I wanted very much our athlete to overcome the qualification phase. We had such an opportunity to be included among 30 countries and compete with the best skiers of the world. Being on the 27th place is really a success for us. Taking into account the age of our skier, I can say that we have never had an athlete with such a result in sprint competition”.

Lillehammer, Norway

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