Alla Mikaelyan: In these games Mikael’s result was equivalent to his potential

13:08 - 21 Feb, 2016

The Youth Olympic Games will soon become a history leaving behind them names of new Olympic champions, good memories and a great experience. Mikael Mikaelyan’s head coach, Alla Mikaelyan summed up the games and gave evaluation to her son’s performances in a conversation with ANOC.

-Mrs. Mikaelyan, how do you assess Mikael mikaelyan’s three performances at the Youth Olympic Games?

-Before the games we were unaware of our opponents. It looked like a dark tunnel where we knew neither our potential nor our opponents’ potential. And if I were asked what places we were going to struggle for, I wouldn’t be able to say anything. After the first performance it became clear for me what Mikael was capable of. His result in these games is absolutely equivalent to his potential. Our efforts would be in vain in case of lower result. Mikael’s father, Artur, and I already see the perspectives that he has. Of course, I am pleased with his result. It is rather difficult to compete with such countries as Norway, Sweden and Russia. One thing is obvious, in the final result Mikael falls behind the top ten only for 30 seconds. As for the top 6, it is still rather difficult to compete with them.

-Surely, you have much to learn from the countries considered as winter sports’ superpowers. What conclusions have you drawn?

-Of course, I have drawn conclusions before these games. We have learned a lot, not here, but on the courses organized by the NOC of Armenia and the Armenian Ski Federation. But only here we discovered the result of our work.

-In that case, what observations have you done after the courses?

-The cooperation with Norwegians revealed for us opportunities of getting better results in the modern skiing. I can say that technically we are richer than many countries. Mikael doesn’t concede to the leaders of our sport with his technique.

-In a conversation with ANOC, Mikael stressed that after these games he has become more self-confident. Do you share his opinion?

-Yes, I do. Now we are aware of our strong sides. Mikael is able to compete with his elder brother, Sergey. I think that Mikael’s achievements won’t let Sergey to stay in the same spot.

-Mrs. Alla, you have participated in several Olympic Games? How were these games organized?

-Undoubtedly, the Organizational Committee of the Youth Olympics did really a great, flawless job. They deserve the highest assessment. The race route and the sports structures were wonderful. Even in adults’ tournaments it will be difficult to find such conditions. Everything was organized with great precision. These games were full of warm relationships and friendly atmosphere.

Lillehammer, Norway

ANOC press office

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