2016 FIDE World Chess Candidates tournament to kick off

10:40 - 10 Mar, 2016

On March 10, the Chess Candidates tournament kicks off in Moscow, Russia in which Armenia's chess team leader Levon Aronyan will also take part.

The opening ceremony of the tournament will take place on March 10 and the first round will be played the following day. The first match will start at 3.00pm.
In the first round Levon Aronyan's opponent will be Netherland's Anish Giri. The rest pairs are Sergey Karjakin/Peter Svidler, Hikaru Nakamura/Fabianu Caruana, Vishi Anand/Veselin Topalov.
The Chess Candidates tournament consists of 14 rounds with 4 rest days. It will end on March 30. The tournament winner will get the right to compete with world champion Magnus Carlsen for a world champion title in New-York, in November.

ANOC press office

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