Karapet Chalyan: When I compete against an Azerbaijani athlete my wish to win doubles

10:35 - 14 Mar, 2016

Armenia Greco-Roman wrestling team member, European bronze medalist Karapet Chalyan spoke about the fights and shared his impressions of the European Championship with ANOC reporter.

-First, I want to congratulate you on your debut in the European Championship and the conquered medal. Please, tell about the bouts you had.
-Thanks. I launched well winning twice but I lost to a Georgian wrestler making a mistake, which became the reason of my defeat. I didn’t expect him to apply such a trick.
-Have you ever competed with the Georgian wrestler?
-No, I haven’t. It was the first time I was meeting him and I can say that without that trick the fight would have another outcome.
-You were more aggressive than usual in the fight for the bronze medal. Which was the reason, the Azerbaijani opponent or the yearning of winning?
-Naturally, when I compete against an Azerbaijani athlete, my wish to win doubles, besides, I wanted much to win a medal at the European Championship.

Latvia, Riga
ANOC press service

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