Varsham Boranyan: When you are determined to win nothing can impede you

11:30 - 14 Mar, 2016

Member of Armenia’s Greco-Roman wrestling team Varsham Borayan shared his first impressions after becoming a European champion.

-Varsham, I congratulate you on capturing the long-awaited gold medal. Fans know you as an unlucky athlete who every time falls behind from a medal. Have you had any luck, this time?
- Yes, you are right (laughs). Every time something impeded me to succeed. This time, thanks God, I had no serious injuries and I managed to conquer gold.
-What would you say about your opponents?
-Each of them was a worthy rival. I would single out the bouts of the finals and the semifinals. However, when you are determined to win nothing can impede you.
-Can we say that this time you were better prepared psychologically?
-My coaches, Aram and particularly, the team’s head coach Levon Julfalakyan had encouraged me much, especially before the finals. I am very thankful to them; this is a victory for all of us.
-Varsham, here we saw a noticeable bad refereeing against the Armenian wrestlers. Weren’t you concerned of becoming the next victim of that bad refereeing?
-To be honest, there was some concern during the finals but everything ended successfully.
-Your weight is not Olympic. Are you going to change your weight class?
-I haven’t thought of it.
-What plans do you have?
-I have no planns yet.

Latvia, Riga
ANOC press service

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