Armenian boxers to take part in a qualifying tournament in Turkey

15:55 - 05 Apr, 2016

Samsun city in Turkey is going to host a boxing tournament qualifying for the Rio Olympics.
The president of the Boxing Federation of Armenia, Artur Gevorgyan, declared, “Given the current military actions, it is obvious that I, as a president of Armenian Boxing Federation will not allow our athletes to take part in the upcoming Olympic qualifiers in Turkey and Azerbaijan. The most important is the safety of the citizen’s life. I am confident that fans will share my opinion”.
However, NOC Vice President Derenik Gabrielyan said to the ANOC press service that the decision had been reviewed.
“As the president of the Armenian Boxing Federation is not in Armenia, I cannot say if the decision was agreed or not. After the announcement I have personally spoken to him. Gevorgyan is concerned about the safety of the athletes as Azerbaijani athletes are also going to take part in the Samsun tournament. His position can be understood. Gagik Tsarukyan has already met with coaches and spoken to Artur Gevorgyan. They have come to a decision that the Armenian boxers will participate in the qualifying tournament in Samsun. I’d like to note that in such cases NOC President Mr. Tsarukyan finds a quick solution coordinating it with international federations and organizations. I am glad that the sides have reached an agreement and the problem is solved. We need only to perform well”, Derenik Gabrielyan said.
The Vice President of Armenia’s NOC, Derenik Gabrielyan has been appointed the head of the Armenian sporting delegation leaving for Samsun.
The tournament will be held in Samsun, Turkey from April 7 to 18.

ANOC press service

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