Karen Aghamalyan: Security officers accompany us everywhere in Turkey

15:30 - 08 Apr, 2016

Armenia's boxing team is already in the Turkish city of Samsun where the 2016 AOB European Olympic Qualifier will be held.

Team's head coach Karen Aghamalyan informed ANOC press service that the team is accompanied by 4-5 security officers.

«We are at competition place and have already got to train. Everything is fine. As for our team uniform with writing “Armenian Boxing Team”, we were told not to put it on for safety reasons. But during the trainings we can wear it without any problem. Besides we are accompanied by 4-5 security officers. They stay on the first floor of the hotel and accompany us when we go shopping or for a walk. I don’t remember such caution, neither security officers accompanying us in the past but an excessive caution and safety won’t do any harm. The athletes don’t feel awkward in their presence and are very calm and free”, Aghamalyan said.

The weigh-in ceremony and the draw will be held on April 9.

The following boxers will fight for qualifications – Artur Hovhannisyan (49kg), Narek Abgaryan (52kg), Aram Avagyan (56kg), Samvel Barseghyan (60kg), Hovhannes Bachkov (64kg), Vladimir Margaryan (69kg), Arman Hovikyan (75kg), Nikol Harutyunov (81kg), Rafael Simonyan (91+kg) and Anush Grigoryan (51kg).

ANOC press service

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