Simon Martirosyan: I lift more kilos during trainings

15:46 - 16 Apr, 2016

Armenia men’s weightlifting team member, Junior Olympics’ champion, European bronze medalist Simon Martirosyan isn’t happy with his results at the European Weightlifting Championships.

“I was taking part in the Adults European Championships for the first time and I managed to became a medalist. Of course, I’m not happy with the results because I lift more kilos during trainings. Obviously I can do more. In the snatch I dropped the 185kg barbell but in the clean and jerk I could do more. Something went wrong. Surely I’m not pleased with myself. I was feeling self-confident and easy. I need to train more for the Olympics. I am sure I will have a better result in Rio”, the Armenian weightlifter said to ANOC press service.

In the first approach of the snatch Martirosyan lifted 182kg but in the next two approaches failed to hold overhead 184kg and 185kg. The Youth Olympic champion conquered silver in the snatch. In the clean and jerk Martirosyan lifted 215kg first, then 220kg but didn’t succeed in 225kg. He came in third in the clean and jerk and became a European bronze medalist with the double-event of 402kg.

Norway, Forde

ANOC press service

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