Armenian Diving Championship came to an end

18:30 - 27 Apr, 2016

The Armenian Diving Championship came to an end at the Junior Specialized Diving School of Olympic Reserve after David Hambardzumyan.

Vladimir Harutyunyan became Armenia’s champion at springboard. Azat Harutyunyan and Gevorg Nersisyan came second and third, respectively.
As the head coach of the Armenian diving team, Hrachya Chandiryan, said to the ANOC press service, Lev Sargsyan had to leave the competition due to injury.
“Lev has been withdrawn from the competition due to injury. Tomorrow he will be examined and it will become clear how serious the injury is. We are preparing for the European Championship at present and our participation in it depends on the seriousness of the injury. I assess positively the guys’ performance at the Armenian Championship. Azat Harutyunyan performed very well. You know, it is very interesting that Lev and Vladimir always compete against each other for a champion title but Azat gets rid of “tension” like this time when he showed his best jumps”, Chandiryan noted.
The Armenian Diving Championship was held from April 25 to 27.

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