"Yerevan-1" the winner of the 10th drawing of Gnel Mejlumyan Cup

15:03 - 03 Oct, 2015

The 10th jubilee drawing of world class Cup of the USSR freestyle wrestling champion, European champion, the Soviet Union and the World Cup winner, the bronze medalist  at the world championship  and silver medalist at the Goodwill Games, Gnel Mejlumyan, was held at Yerevan "Mika" stadium.

150 athletes born in 1999, 2000, 2001 from all regions of Armenia, Nagorno Karabakh  and Georgia competed at the Cup.

The Cup won «Yerevan-1», the second prize winner  was the team of  ''Lori" and  in the fight for the third place between "Kotayk" and ''NKR'', won ''Kotayk''. The winners were awarded medals, certificates and prizes.

"As this year's tournament was held for the 10th time, it was rather difficult to organize such a tournament in Berd and we decided to hold it in Yerevan. It is possible that next year the Cup will change the age group, everything depends on our further plans ", said Mejlumyan’s daughter,  Ani Mejlumyan.

Gnel Mejlumyan’s friend, the triple champion Gevorg Simonyan  noted, "Gnel helped his friends to  achieve success in competitions supporting them in everything.  We still don’t have  wrestlers  like him.’’

The winners were awarded by Olympic silver medalist and former World champion Arsen Julfalakyan, the World Cup and European boxing champion Samson Khachatryan, National Assembly Deputy Speaker Eduard Sharmazanov and National Assembly deputy Gagik Melikyan, Armenia Wrestling Federation vice-president Hrant Yenokyan and others.

For the third year the Memorial Cup of Gnel Mejlumyan is transformed into the drawing and is the only event of this kind in Armenian wrestling.

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