Brazil’s President’s message: Brazil awaits you with open arms

14:50 - 06 Jul, 2016

Michel Temer, the Interim President of the Republic of Brazil, has sent a message to Olympic fans before the Rio Olympic and Paralympic Games.

“We are ready to host the first Olympic and Paralympic Games to take place in South America. In Rio de Janeiro, the Games have greatly influenced the implementation of public policy, causing the city to fast-track, expand and even initiate many municipal infrastructure and mobility projects. The direct, favourable impact of these policies on the quality of life of the city's residents is evident.
Over the past few weeks, rumour of the possibility of an outbreak of disease during the Games has circulated. We can assure you - as has the World Health Organisation - that the risk of Zika infection during the Games is practically non-existent. Historically, an extremely low incidence of disease transmitted by the Aedes aegypti has been recorded during the winter season in the Southern Hemisphere. Indeed, there has been a dramatic decline in cases of Zika infection in Rio de Janeiro and throughout Brazil in the past few weeks. I recall a similar prediction of epidemic during the 2014 World Cup tournament in Brazil, when we hosted 1.4 million foreign visitors. No epidemic occurred. Then, as now, tourists can be assured of favourable health conditions during the Olympic Games.
Brazil is ready to receive all of the visitors who will be enjoying the pleasure of watching the world's elite international athletes compete , and, surely, we will have a great deal to show the 5 billion viewers from around the world who will be watching the Games as well. Brazil awaits you with open arms.”

ANOC press service

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