Ara Poghosyan: Armenia will have a basketball club

13:35 - 07 Jul, 2016

The vice president of the Armenian Basketball Federation, Ara Poghosyan, the team’s head coach, Tigran Gyokchyan, as well as the team members, Michael Poghosyan, Artyom Tavakalyan and Sergey Polukhin, met reporters and answered their questions. The participants spoke about the European Championship for Small Countries and their future plans.

Ara Pogosyan: “We started the program of the team formation 5 years ago. The program is in the process yet. We are planning to create a professional basketball club which will play in the Russian Super League or in some of the European Cups. Eight players from our national team will join the club. Coach Tigran Gyokchyan has agreed to return to Armenia and lead the club. We hope we’ll have occasions to make you happy.

Tigran Gyokchyan: “Before taking part in the championship we knew it wouldn’t be easy. Everything is possible in sport. We had a little problem with the play. People think we were playing easily and the struggle wasn’t that fierce but out victories don’t mean that the opponents were weak they speak about our team’s strength.”

Michael Poghosyan: “Playing in the team and winning was great happiness for all of us. I have received a nice offer to join the club which I will likely accept.”

Artyom Tavakalyan: “I have received an offer to join the club, too. But I have to return to the USA and continue my education. I haven’t decided anything yet.”

Sergey Polukhin: “I started to play for the team when I was 16. I have received the offer from the club and accepted it with pleasure.

The photo by PanArmenian

ANOC press service

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