Steven Enoch: I really liked the Armenians and Yerevan

17:30 - 12 Jul, 2016

The U20 European Championship Division B will kick off in a few days. One of the best defenders of the US University League, Steven Enoch, has just joined the Armenia U20 basketball team. Experts think that Enoch is one of the future stars of the NBA.  The player born in Norwalk (Connecticut) in 1997 is 2m 10cm tall and plays for UConn basketball club. In a conversation with the ANOC press service Enoch confessed that he liked much Yerevan and the Armenians.

-Steven, how did you get the offer of joining the Armenian team?

-There was a connection with my old high school coach, a guy used to play for my high school coach, and he knew the coach from the Armenian team, so the coach from the Armenian team asked him a few recommended players from America for him, so he recommended me, my old high school coach. 

-Before accepting the offer what did you know about Armenia?

-I did my research on Armenia and it seemed a beautiful country…

-Did you know about the Armenian basketball or basketball players, maybe, in other countries?

-I knew about players that played for other countries and I have a couple of friends who play for other countries but not everyone knows Armenia so well. I’ve been the first one.

-Being in Armenia for almost 2 weeks what can you say about your teammates?

-My teammates are pretty good guys and they accepted me like brothers.

-Have you seen Yerevan?

-It is really a nice place, not like New York, you know with high population, crazy traffic. Nice place to be, I like this small town.

-What do you like most in Armenian people?

-I like the fact that they try to engage you like asking questions and they aren’t scared to talk to me, to new people.

-The European Championship will kick off soon. What do you think what results will the Armenia national team achieve?

-Only a gold medal, nothing else.

-Thank you very much, I wish you good luck and a gold medal.

ANOC press office


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