Aronyan and Mkrtchyan played in draw in the penultimate round of the European Chess Club Cup

09:44 - 23 Oct, 2015

The penultimate rounds of European Chess Club Cup have already taken place. Armenia's national team's members, Levon Aronyan and Lilith Mkrtchyan played them in draw. In the penultimate round Aronyan shared the point with Anish Giri, meanwhile «Siberia» defeated the Azerbaijan «Sokar» 3,5-2,5.

Now «Siberia» is the leader of the competition. Lilth Mkrtchyan draw the score against Dina Belenka and «Ugra» won 3,5-0,5 «SPB».  «Ugra» is on the 3rd place in competition list.

There is still one round before the end of the Cup.

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