Hakob Seobyan: Arthur Davtyan exceeded our expectations

09:00 - 27 Oct, 2015

 Armenia's gymnastics team member Arthur Davtyan due to the registered points at the World Gymnastics Championships will have an opportunity to compete in «Test Event» held in Rio in April before the Olympic Games. In case of having the same result as at the World Championship he’ll join in the Olympics.

“Armenia’s representative, Arthur Davtyan, exceeded our expectations. He did perfectly the exercises scoring 84,974 and placed the 21st. He got opportunity to participate in «Test Event» held in Rio in April. Our athletes Vahagn Davtyan (rings) and Harutyun Merdinyan (pommel horse) passed to finals and on October 31 and November 1 will fight for the Olympic tickets. In their case it will be more difficult as in the individual types they must win medals for the participation in the Olympics”, told the gymnastics team’s head coach, Hakob Serobyan the ANOC reporter. From October 23 to November 1 the capital city of Glasgow in Scotland is hosting the World Gymnastics Championships which is qualifying for the 2016 Summer Olympics. Armenia is represented there by Vahagn Davtyan, Harutyun Merdinyan, Arthur Davtyan and Houry Gebeshyan. On the eve Houry Gebeshyan gained the right to participate in «Test Event» in Rio and in case of repeating the same result there, she will be the first woman to represent Armenia at the Olympics.

ANOC press department

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