Hakob Serobyan takes stock of the World Gymnastics Championship

15:17 - 05 Nov, 2015

Armenia’s gymnastics team head coach Hakob Serobyan in a conversation with reporters took stock of the World Gymnastics Championship in Glasgow.

“This Championship was difficult because it was qualifying. I am really very pleased with our athletes' results. Harutyun Merdinyan lived up our expectations. If Harutyun and the Japanese gymnast who registered the same result score the same point at the Olympics the preference will be shown for the athletes who will do the exercise more clearly. At the World Championship Merdinyan did the exercise more clearly”. “Our female athlete Houry Gebeshyan did perfectly her exercise despite of falling on a balance beam. But her chances of joining in the Olympics are very big''.

''If NOC of Armenia didn't support us we wouldn't be able to go to this Championship and other important tournaments. I am confident that after such results the interest towards the gymnastics will increase. I always tell the guys: let's prove that we can do it and then we'll be given more support. We are going to fight for Olympic medals. After Merdinyan's success I also got invitation to take part in the Rio Olympics as a referee''.

Our bronze medalist Harutyun Merdinyan also spoke about his performance, ''I'm very happy I could take the 3rd place at the World Championship. We have tried to do it for many years. We dreamed of Olympics. I am deeply aware of the responsibility that lays on me. I think of coaching but I don't know when. As for the Olympics we should make more complicated the exercise program''.

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