Levon Julfalakyan: Our main goals are Olympic qualifications

11:00 - 29 Mar, 2019

The Armenia Greco-Roman wrestling team spends its last training camp in Olympavan before the European Championship in Bucharest. Head coach of the Armenia team Levon Julfalakyan told the press office of the ANOC about their programs and expectations. 

-Mr. Julfalakyan what potential does the lineup going to the European Championship have?
-Our main goal of this year is the World Championship which is qualifying for the Olympic Games. At this moment it doesn’t matter how many and what color of medals there will be from the European Championship. The most important for us are the Olympic qualifications the lion’s share of which will be raffled in the World Championship in Kazakhstan. The European Championship is qualifying for the European Games. The top 15 wrestlers will get chance to participate in the European Games in Minsk. This year some sports instead of going to the European Championships will have the European Games. I’d like to see wrestling among them. I don’t mean that the status and importance of the Games have been depreciated.

-Is it possible for young wrestlers to leave for the European Games?
-In case of obtaining qualifications we will decide what kind of lineup to send. The wrestlers will perform in 6 weight categories. At present I can’t say what decision we will make. Everything will become clear after the European Championship. I repeat, the European Games are important too both for the country and athletes. The Games are held every 4 years and winning medal there is also important for an athlete’s career.

-How does Arthur Aleksanyan feel?
-Arthur has already begun training fully. I think everything is going to be well.

-Arsen Julfalakyan has been included in the lineup going to the European Championship. In what kind of shape is he? Does he manage to combine politics and sport?
-(Smiles). I am often asked this question? Yet since his teenage years Arsen has liked to work under pressure. We are very alike. He is restless and unceasing, too. In other words, he is a quiet person by nature but needs to flow his energy constantly and in the right direction. He has always paid attention to education, studied well, spent much time on self-education and had time for everything. And now he is the same, still can’t calm down. I think Arsen has always been purposeful and with strong will. He sets goals for himself and does everything to reach them. I hope everything will be fine.

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