Armenia to have 5 representatives at IWF Junior World Championships

15:00 - 26 Apr, 2019

Armenia will have 5 representatives at the IWF Junior World Championships. Head coach of the Armenia weightlifting junior team Melik Ghukasyan told the ANOC press office the names of those athletes who will go to the championship; Armen Grigoryan (73 kg), Rafik Harutyunyan (81 kg), Karen Avagyan (89 kg), Varazdat Lalayan (+109 kg) and only female representative Arpine Dalalyan (+87 kg).

Melik Ghukasyan noted the junior team will have 2 training camps before the World Championship.

“The first training camp will last 19 days and will be spent in Olympavan, after it will have 10-day trainings in Abovyan and on May 30 we will leave for Fiji,” Melik Ghukasyan said.

The IWF Junior World Championships will be held in Fiji from June 1 to 8.

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