European Championship: Maria Gevorgyan vs Lilith Mkrtchyan game has no winner

09:00 - 21 Apr, 2019

In the 9th round of the European Women Individual Championship in Turkey Elina Danielyan and Anna Sargsyan suffered defeat, Maria Gevorgyan playing with white pieces shared the point with Lilith Mkrtchyan and Siranush Ghukasyan ended the game with Zeinab Mamediarova in a tie.

Before the penultimate round Elina Danielyan, Lilith Mkrtchyan and Maria Gevorgyan have gained 5,5 points each, Siranush Ghukasyan has 4,5 points and Anna Sargsyan – 4 points. The leader of the championship is Ukrainian Inna Gaponenko with 7,5 points.

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