Junior European Championship: Freestyle wrestlers win two bronze medals

22:16 - 08 Jun, 2019

The Freestyle Wrestling Junior European Championship is under way in Spanish Pontevedra. Arman Andreasyan at 70 kg won 6:1 Switzerland’s Tobias Portmann in the fight for the third position and became a bronze medalist.

Arman Ayvazyan at 79 kg had to wrestler for a bronze medal against Ukranian Oleksandr Vyshniak but the opponent missed the bout and Avagyan became a bronze medalist.

Hrachya Margaryan at 61 kg won 6:1 Russia’s Aleksandr Sabanov in the 1/16 final, in the 1/8 final he defeated 14:2 France’s Djabrail Tsikiev, in the quarterfinal our wrestler won 6:4 Greek Georgios Pilidis and in the semifinal he overcame Turk Hamza Alaca (5:2) and reached the final.

Tomorrow Margaryan will face Ukraine’s Oleksandr Yevsieienko in the fight for gold.
Mher Markosyan (86 kg) winning Sweden’s Mohammed Sardar Timori (6:4), Spanish Santiago Sanchez Varela (10:0), Belarusian Yaraslau Iadkouski (6:2), Russian Slavik Naniev (6-4) qualified for the final where tomorrow he will compete with Georgian Miriani Maisuradze.

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