Armen Gyozalyan: Despite the fracture Edgar continues training

13:30 - 12 Jun, 2019

Armenia’s leading cyclist Edgar Stepanyan has broken his arm during a Grand Prix in Moscow.

Stepanyan’s coach Armen Gyozalyan told the details in an interview with the ANOC press service.

“At the competition in Moscow Edgar reached the group race of omnium and had rather good results. In the second lap Belarus’s cyclist’s chain got broken.Edgar barely managed to mitigate the fall with a hand at that speed otherwise there could have been a more serious and dangerous consequence.

Edgar’s arm is in a plaster now. He is in Olympavan. Dr. David Mosinyan is with him and doing everything possible. Despite the fracture Edgar continues training on special equipment. We are trying to keep his shape. He is a warrior by nature. He says if there is half a percent chance we will take part in the European Games. Tomorrow he will be examined again and will change the plaster into a splint which will allow holding the bike’s wheel. We are disposed positively,” the coach said.

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