Japanese authorities leave ticket resellers “unemployed”

17:17 - 18 Jun, 2019

A law prohibiting the resale of tickets of sports events and concerts has come into force in Japan. Law violators will be fined 9.5 thousand dollars and may face up to one year imprisonment.

All tickets will be protected by QR codes and customer data.

The organizers of the 32nd Summer Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 will check the identity of fans before letting them into sports venues.

The law will not affect the Tokyo 2020 invitations and free tickets. If a fan misses the event for some reason he may resell the ticket on the Tokyo 2020 organizer’s official website.

The Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo from July 24 to August 9, 2020. More than 12.000 athletes will perform in 33 sports.

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