Minsk 2019: Gor Nersesyan qualifies for 1/8 finals

23:16 - 23 Jun, 2019

The second competition day of the European Games is coming to an end in Belarusian capital Minsk.

Today the struggle was started by boxers.

Armenia’s representative Gor Nersesyan at 81 kg celebrated victory over Kosovo’s Ardit Delija in the 1/16 finals and qualified for the 1/8 finals.

The judges stopped the bout because of Delija’s injury after the first round ended with Nersesyan’s advantage.

The 1/8 finals’ bouts of this weight category will be held on June 25.

Nersesyan’s opponent will be Moldavian Andrei Chiriacov.

Today Armenian boxers Arman Darchinyan at 75 kg and Gurgen Madoyan at 69 kg performed too.

Darchinyan qualified for the 1/8 finals while Madoyan lost the 1/16 finals.

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