Habetnak Kurghinyan: The European Games were organized very well

13:40 - 06 Jul, 2019

The Armenian freestyle wrestling team won no medal at the 2nd European Games held in Minsk. Team’s head coach Habetnak Kurghinyan summed up the team’s performance and spoke about the organization of the European Games in a conversation with the ANOC press service.

“We expected medals at 57 kg and 65 kg. But in the 65 kg weight class Valodya Frangulyan lost the fight for the third place to Ukraine’s representative Gor Hovhannisyan whom he had conceded 2 months ago in an international tournament in Kiev. I hoped Frangulyan would improve himself and win him. I can’t exactly say what’s the reason; maybe the recent recovery from a surgery, but if we seek reasons there will be many. We have what we have. As for Garik Barseghyan he faced Zaur Uguyev in the first bout and lost. The last one failed to reach the final and Garik lost the chance to fight for a medal.”

Habetnak Kurghinyan was very pleased with the organization of the European Games.

“Everything was organized very well; there was no problem with both transport and food. We could eat at the sports ground without returning to the athletes’ village. I’m only pleased with the organization there.” said the coach.

The team’s head coach also told what kind of training camps and tournaments were planned before the World Championship in September.

“From July 10 to 22 we will have a training camp in Olympavan after which on July 22-24 we will join in Stepan Sargsyan Cup in Vanadzor. Afterwards we will spend a short training camp in Yerevan and will leave for Sochi to have the penultimate and tough training camp with the Russia team. We will have the last training camp before the World Championship in Yerevan. And the lineup going to the World Championship will be known after Stepan Sargsyan Cup.” Habetnak Kurghinyan concluded.

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