Levon Julfalakyan: We need to take concrete actions against athletes’ oiling

14:15 - 16 Jul, 2019

Head coach of the Armenia Greco-Roman wrestling team Levon Julfalakyan says that the United World Wrestling must take concrete actions against wrestlers’ oiling. According to the specialist this evil impedes competition and it’s time not to speak but act.

The specialist has summed up the European Games in a conversation with the ANOC press service.

“At 97 kg Artur Aleksanyan’s first two fights were a little tough. I think the reason was the competition break. But you saw with every fight Artur was improving on and spent high-class bouts, especially, in the final where he gave no chance to the opponent. Karapet Chalyan fought well too. Though the main opponents in that weight class were missing, anyway, he had a good participation and became a silver medalist. I’m displeased with Armen Melikyan at 60 kg; also we had expectations of Maksim Manukyan who didn’t live them up. As for Karen Aslanyan at 67 kg in the semifinal his opponent’s, Georgian wrestler’s body was oiled. This is much spoken about. The United World Wrestling receives many complaints of it. And now they try to find a new technology to give a final solution to this issue. In this case, there can’t be a fair competition. This method has been used by wrestlers for a long time and it’s time to take measures against this “evil”. Karen became a victim of unfair refereeing in the fight for the third place. Next day we talked to the head of the refereeing staff of the Games. He said they had also acknowledged their mistakes. But as you see there are only word, no action. In general, we had a good participation. We won gold and silver medals among 5 participants and lost a bronze one,” the specialist concluded.

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