Armen Gyozalyan: Cyclists will struggle for at least one qualification for the 2022 Olympics

09:57 - 24 Dec, 2015

The head coach of Armenia's cycling, Armen Gyozalyan summed up the 2015 year, spoke about future plans and shared his expectations already for the 2022 Olympics in a conversation with ANOC press office.

-Please, sum up the passing year.

-The 2015 was very successful for us. After training camps and performances at international tournaments we took part in the European Championship. Edgar Stepanyan took the 1st place at scratch race while at team sprint he shared the 3rd and 4th places with Russia's representative. Pavel Stepanyan was 12th and Mher Mkrtchyan 18th. We also joined in the World Championship taking silver there.

-Mr. Gyozalyan, how do you explain the growth of cycling in our country during the last 4-5 years?

-The reason of such growth is related with the teamwork within the federation.

-In what physical form are the guys now?

-At this moment we are preparing for the next year. We are going to take part in the European and World Championships. Unfortunately, we were unable to participate in World Cups in previous years which were qualifying for the Rio Olympics. Undoubtedly, we will struggle for at least one qualification for the 2022 Olympics

-How are you starting 2016 and what plans do you have?

-We are planning training camps in Tsakhkadzor. Also we are invited to an international tournament in Russia. In July we’ll join in the European Youth and Adults Championships as well as the World Cup comprised of 3 rounds.

ANOC press office

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