Arayik Baghdadyan: Davit Safaryan passed the fights very well

09:40 - 06 Dec, 2015

The head coach of Armenia’s freestyle wrestling team, Arayik Baghdadyan is content with the Armenian wrestlers’ performances at Nusuyev Memorial Tournament.

“I am content with the guys. Unlike 2014, this year Nusuyev Memorial Tournament was full of strong athletes. There were World champions and not everyone managed to win gold. After being crowned a World champion, Davit Safaryan hadn’t won in any foreign tournament. Only this year he became the winner of the Tournament after Stepan Sargsyan. Safaryan passed the fights very well. You’ve convinced yourselves how many tough rivals participated from Dagestan and Ossetia. Garik Barseghyan also was good but he made a tactical mistake in the bout against Gebekov and the last one wasn’t a random wrestler. As for Nurmagomedov I’m not displeased with him. He had left sport for 2-3 years and after a few trainings he could win two opponents. In the quarter-finals he also had a chance to succeed but the years’ pause impeded him. He is a good wrestler and in case of proving himself we won’t overlook him”, said Baghdadyan in an interview with ANOC.

At the Memorial Tournament after Russian Merited coach Shevalye Nusuyev held on December 4-5 at Moscow’s CSKA gym, Armenian representatives, World and 2013 European champion Davit Safaryan (65kg) was crowned champion and 2014 European Championship’s bronze medalist Garik Barseghyan (57kg) captured gold.

ANOC press office

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