Melanya Stepanyan: The newly-formed dancing pair will train for now

14:29 - 23 Sep, 2019

The Figure Skating Federation of Armenia has included a new dancing pair in the Armenia cadet team. Edward Ter-Gazaryan will perform with Alina Mefedova from now on. 

In a conversation with the ANOC press service President of the Figure Skating Federation Melanya Stepanyan spoke about the details of the pair’s creation.

“Edward Ter-Gazaryan skates very well. He has trained in many places, even at Evgeni Plyushenko‘s but he fails in jumps. He has a wonderful physique; height, skating, everything corresponds to a dancing pair. We contacted Alexander Zhulin beforehand, then found Edward a partner and only then sent him to train. For now the pair will only train. Then in December they will come to Yerevan for demonstrative performances. We’ll see what will come of it. If everything is fine they will start participating in tournaments next year”, Stepanyan said.

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