Slavik Galstyan: I’ll try to win a higher medal

11:45 - 16 Sep, 2019

Slavik Galstyan who had won a bronze medal at 63 kg of the World Greco-Roman Wrestling Championship underway in Kazakhstan spoke about his victory and bouts in a conversation with the ANOC press service.
“Thanks a lot to everybody and especially to my coaches and friends. I’ll try to win higher medals in the future,” he said.
The first bout with Azerbaijani wrestler Elmar Mukhtarov had been the toughest for Slavik.
“The first bout is always the toughest but the second bout wasn’t easy either, there were a few seconds left and I was losing but I managed to bring back my points and win,” the wrestler noted.
In the semifinal bout with Russia’s Stepan Maryanyan the Armenian wrestler had made some mistakes and besides the judges’ sympathy had been on his rivals side.
“I made mistakes too, I can’t deny it but the judges helped him too,” Slavik Galstyan concluded.
In the fight for a bronze medal Slavik Galstyan had won 7:5 Iran’s Meysam Dalkhani.
Photo by UWW

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