World Championship: Artur Aleksanyan to miss final match because of injury

17:00 - 16 Sep, 2019

Olympic gold medalist, three-time world and four-time European champion Artur Aleksanyan (97 kg) will miss the final of the World Greco-Roman Wrestling Championship in Nur-Sultan because of an injury. He had to wrestle against Russia’s Musa Evloev.
On September 16 the Gyumrian wrestler got a rib fracture in the semifinal match due to which he isn’t able to wrestler for a world champion title. Artur Aleksanyan had started the competition from the qualification round and had won Belarasian Aliaksandr Hrabovik (5:0), Finnish Matti Elias (10:0), Turk Cenk Ildem (4:2), Iranian Abdol Saravi (4:3) and Georgian Giorgi Melia (3:1).
Photo by UWW

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