U23 European Championship: Simon Martirosyan and Samvel Gasparyan – gold medalists

23:00 - 27 Oct, 2019

Two-time world champion Simon Martirosyan became a gold medalist of the U23 European Weightlifting Championship.
The U20 and U23 European Weightlifting Championships came to an end in Bucharest. On the last day of the competition Simon Martirosyan was crowned the winner of the +109 kg weight class scoring a total of 434 kg. In the snatch he lifted 198 kg setting a record and in the clean & jerk – 236 kg.
Samvel Gasparyan was crowned a champion too in the 109 kg weight class. He showed a total of 390 kg result. In the snatch he managed to lift 176 kg and in the clean & jerk – 214 kg.

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