XMOMM – Armenia volleyball cup winner among women

09:10 - 13 Dec, 2019

The Armenia Volleyball Cup among women, which was attended by 4 teams, came to an end.
In the final XMOMM won 3:1 Van and became Armenia’s cup winner. Avan which was stronger than YSULS in the struggle for the third place, 3:2, became the bronze medalist.
Mari Poghosyan (Avan), Diana Melkonyan (Avan), Elishka Kindolova (Van), Anna Galustyan (Van), Edita Ghevondyan (XMOMM) and Veronika Koshkaryan (XMOMM) were named the best players of the tournament.
Earlier in November XMOMM (Children and Youth Olympic Team Sports School) had been crowned Armenia’s 2019 volleyball champion among women.

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