Pashik Alaverdyan: We have a good reserve in weightlifting

09:52 - 21 Dec, 2015

Armenia’s weightlifting team’s head coach, Federation secretary general, Pashik Alaverdyan summed up the passing year and spoke about the 2016 European Championship in a conversation with ANOC.

-Mr Alaverdyan, summarizing 2015 how do you assess it as a Weightlifting Federation secretary general?

-In a passing year Armenian weightlifters have conquered 60 medals at the European and World Championships. In general, we seldom take part in international tournaments. Even if we take part we do it with maximum 2 athletes. This year the lion part of conquered medals have brought young and junior athletes. We have a good reserve in weightlifting and expect much especially from young weightlifters. There is a really enormous work both in federations and sports schools. This year we worked well.

-In comparison with the last years, what kind of year was 2015 in terms of medals?

-During the last few years we have had 40-45 medals a year.  But in 2008 and 2010 we managed to win up to 80 medals. This year’s 60 medals are neither a record nor a bad result. It’s a normal number for weightlifting.

-Armenia conquered one gold and two silver medals at the European Youth Championship, and a gold one at the World Youth Championship? How do you assess our weightlifters’ performances?

-After the Youth Olympic Games Simon Martirosyan was depressed, maybe, the reason was the rather early participation at adults championships. It was difficult for him, but later he recovered and, as we saw, won a little bronze medal at the World Championship. Taking part in championships before the Rio Olympics is definitely a step forward.

-Women’s weightlifting team returned from the World Championship with two qualifications. What can you say about it?

-At this moment women’s team is in a bad condition. Anyway, they were able to find some inner strength and team up thanks to their head coach Artashes Nersisyan as well as Arman Ghazaryan and others who work with the girls. They managed to confirm the two qualifications obtained last year. But I can’t say that we expect much of them at the Olympics.

-Will there be any experiments at the European Championship or we will go there with our best line-up?

-After the Armenian Championship 8 male and 4-5 female athletes will take part in the European Championship after which the five athletes travelling to Rio will become known. But we face some problem; the new weightlifters that are going to the European Championship, cannot take part in the Olympics as the new athletes have to participate in to qualifying championships. For example, Tigran Martirosyan will definitely participate in the European Championship.

ANOC press office 

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