Karen Aghamalyan: The boxers believed in their strength and lived up to our expectations

13:55 - 18 Apr, 2016

The AOB European Olympic qualifier came to a close in Samsun where our boxers fought for Olympic qualifications. In a conversation with ANOC press service team’s head coach Karen Aghamalyan noted that the Armenian boxers had believed in their strength and lived up to everyone’s expectations.

“I don’t want to single out anyone. The boys did their best, even more. The athletes worked hard during the last 2 training camps. There was a great desire for victory in their eyes. They needed only to believe and show what they were capable of. The boxers believed in their strength and lived up to our expectations. Hovhannes Bachkov was the last boxer of our team who fought for a qualification. He had a great desire to win, so great that it impeded him. It’s a pity. As for Aram Avagyan’s semifinal bout I want to be realistic. Aram had won the Azerbaijani boxer 2 years ago. The referee hurried in doing warnings and it disturbed Aram. In such cases it is very difficult to regain the lost points. Anyway, he fought for a qualification and won the Ukrainian boxer to whom he had lost last lime, it was very gratifying. During Anush’s bout we thought that she won but there was an opposite opinion. In future, she will show her strength”, the coach said to ANOC press service.

The Armenian boxing team conquered 4 Olympic qualifications in Turkey. Artur Hovhannisyan (49kg) and Narek Abgaryan (52kg) became silver medalists, Aram Avagyan (56kg) and Vladimir Margaryan (69kg) took the third places.

ANOC press service

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