The names of boxers going to the international tournaments became known

17:37 - 19 Jan, 2016

The head coach of the Armenian boxing federation, Karen Aghamalyan announced the names of those boxers who are going to the Livencev Memorial tournament in Minsk and to the 67th International Tournament “Strandja” in Sofia.
Karen Tonakanyan (60kg), Gor Yeritcyan, Vladimir Margaryan (69kg), Nikol Harutyunov (81kg, who will join the team from Moscow), Henrik Sargsyan and Rafael Simonyan (91kg) will participate in the Livencev Memorial Tournament in Sofia, headed by the oach, Arman Harutyunyan.
Narek Abgaryan (52kg), Aram Avagyan (56kg), Samvel Barseghyan (60kg), Hovhannes Bachkov (64kg), Arman Darchinyan (69kg), Arman Hovikyan (75kg), Narek Manasyan (91kg) and Anush Grigoryan (51kg) will go to the 67th International Tournament “Strandja” led by the head coach, Karen Aghamalyan.
Minsk’s tournament will be held from February 1 to 6 and Sofia’s tournament from February 22 to 29.

ANOC press office

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