Armenian divers finished their performances at he German Grand Prix

12:21 - 01 Feb, 2016

Divers Lev Sargsyan and Vladimir Harutyunyan finished their performances at the German Grand Prix.

Getting 393, 90 points in the springboard, Lev Sargsyan dropped out of the competition.

Another representative of Armenia, Vladimir Harutyunyan advanced to the finals earning 432, 45 points where he placed 5th with 445, 25 points among 6 participants. The winner became China’s Zigan Huang with 523.40 points.
The Armenian divers also participated in the synchronized diving (10m) where they took the last place ( 358, 20 points) among 4 pairs. The winners in this competition became Chinese Zyevi Hu and Hiau Tai with 461, 58 points.
The Grand Prix was held from January 29 to 31.

Photo by Getty Images

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